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(Editor’s Note: In the following article, presented in italics are the words of Magdalene, as channeled by Adele Venneri.)

I welcome and LOVE you.

Bring who you ARE to the world and Enjoy YOU without being DISTRACTED.

The "Apparent" World

In the “apparent” world many are those who let themselves be frightened by the chaos, the crisis, the change that involves every cell and therefore everybody. By the change that involves every person, every blade of grass, every tree, every sea, every climate, every season.

The Energy of the new Seasons breaks the mental schemes of those who do not understand, because Summer becomes cold and Winter becomes hot. The breaking of patterns scares the linear mind. Like an earthquake the new Energy breaks up the old, turning it into rubble; through tsunamis and volcanoes, through apparently “harmful” catastrophes, it shatters the old Energy.

Many are those who are still sleeping and close their eyes to the life of their SOUL. Many are those who, still VICTIMS, remain in the energies of abuse. Many are those who remain in the old Energy of Me.

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When you are in Your HEART and you love Yourself deeply, you become Aware that no CRISIS can ever DISTRACT from YOURSELF.

The distraction is the nourishment of the ego.

The distraction is the forgetfulness of the MASTERY.

The distraction is the lack of YOU.

The distraction is the lack of Responsibility of your own life.

If you lack Yourself, you are ABSENT. The distraction takes over by feeding on You.

When you are in your MASTERY, you are PRESENCE, and in the PRESENCE of You, there is NOTHING you can miss.

The attention to the other as the cause of what you live is DISTRACTION.



The attention to the symptom as the cause of your discomfort is DISTRACTION.

The observation of You, the action for you, the absence of judgment of You, and the awareness of who you ARE, this is PRESENCE, this is MASTERY!

The attention to Yourself as the DIVINE-HUMAN CREATOR of your life is LIFE!

NOW stop, breathe, breathe . . . Breathe and listen . . .

With Gentle Grace allow yourself to BREATHE, breathe and take for Yourself, breathe and let the ETERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS of Me enter into You.

Do nothing, just breathe!

BREATHE, let the New Energy into You. TRUST.

In the time of Creation, many are the awakened ones who have chosen JOY. Many others, however, are still in the density of their visible bodies and are part of the dormants.

Let go, without holding back, those who have made their CHOICE.

Even if it is someone you LOVE deeply, LET HIM GO.

It can be a SON, a LOVER, a MOTHER, a FRIEND . . . let him go.

Let him go.

Your journey is not His . . . and His journey is not Yours.

Everyone follows the directives of his SOUL and his JOURNEY. Everyone RESPECTS the rhythm of his journey, and in respect of it he MEETS with his soul.

The evolutionary JOURNEY goes beyond any ROLE.

The soul is neither Father nor Mother, neither wife nor husband, neither friend nor enemy. The soul does not compete. She does not win; she does not reach any goal. She does not feed on faults or merits. Neither applause nor booing. She does not judge, she does not manipulate, she does not wait. She lives. She simply LIVES.


Through the body, the soul just wants to LIVE its experience on the water planet. This is.

In the NEW you need nothing but your PRESENCE.

Do not try too hard to understand how the NEW Time works.

In the NEW everything happens without too much understanding.

Do not make too many PROGRAMS. These, if they are not in line with the directives of your soul, crumble through sometimes painful experiences.

Do not create too many GOALS: the New Energy shatters them.


Choice is different from decision. The first comes from the creative womb; the second comes from the mind. The choice arises from the INTENT to open yourself to the flow of your life without judging it, by learning to OBSERVE IT.

Allow yourself to FREE YOURSELF from what is DISTRACTING you. Think with your heart and create with your soul. Experience your MULTIDIMENSIONAL being.

Your journey to other worlds brings you valuable information. It leads you to remember who you Are. Remain receptive and without too much understanding remember and TRUST! Very often your SELF is engaged in other worlds and realities, seeing and knowing things that you cannot see yet because your mind wants to understand.

You will see . . . soon many discoveries will come to you. These will not be the discoveries of science, which dictates laws. No, they will be the discoveries you will make on the journey of the Divine-Human on Earth and therefore on YOURSELF.

Soon many children will tell you ancient truths: LISTEN to THEM. Let them TALK. Follow their INSTRUCTIONS. Avalanches of MASTERS have descended on the planet, and you will soon recognize them. They know very well the power of the thinking heart, and this, compared to the power of the mind, is nothing.

Breathe . . . breathe and listen . . .

Yeshua and I are two sides of the same coin. Let go of our physicality. Let go of our story. Feel us in our FREQUENCY. If you can perceive it, you will feel that it is the same frequency You RADIATE when you LOVE Yourself deeply, when you Unite every part of You.

Soul companion, know that all is done.


The Dance has just begun.


Breathe soul companion. Breathe and listen . . .

You, who in the New Time of Awakening, have been everywhere. You know well the planet on which you have chosen to BE. So many of you have incarnated many times in France, in Palestine, in the Middle East.

Breathe . . .

NOW FINALLY YOU ARE HERE. Here in the Time of Awakening. I know it was not easy for you to get here, but finally you are here, you HAVE arrived. You did it!

The Eternal Consciousness is NOW.

Now become aware that the Roles, the aspects of Your different experiences, have always been different. You have not always been a Mother in all your lives, you have not always been a Father, but there is an experience you have always had, that of being a SON or a DAUGHTER. That one, yes, you have always lived!

In every life you had a Mother and in every life you had a Father that perhaps in some existences you have not even known. It does not matter. No matter how it went, you have always been a son or a daughter born of a FATHER and a MOTHER who deep inside You reminded you of the Parents of the Spirit. They reminded you of that place That Was. The Whole. The origin. They reminded you of the HOME You left.

Now, in the Divine moment of the Present, the eyes of your soul see the blurred faces of all the Parents who have been part of your infinite experiences.

What a deep emotion it is, isn’t it?

How many memories. How many emotions.

In every life you have lived through your Parents, some wonderful experiences, others very painful.

You believed in their models and you reacted to them by completely deviating, or you repurposed them by imitating their own script. In every life you have carried the perspective of the Parenting patterns received in the previous life, and forgetting who YOU ARE, you have never allowed yourself to Enjoy the wonderful experience of Being a Divine-Human.

When you were just an angel, you were asked: ‘Who wants to descend?’ You immediately raised a finger up in a sign of victory: ‘I’ you affirmed enthusiastically. In reality, you still did not know if it really was victory.

With love you made Your choice, but immediately afterward, you were very afraid because in a single moment you saw all your existences and what awaited you. You immediately changed your mind. You wanted to go home, but you did not know how to go back. That was how you found yourself in the Void, that VOID that you have experienced so many times and that often has frightened you.

You started wandering. You felt loneliness, guilt, and even anger together with fear. You wandered, fighting here and there with some angel you met, begging from him for a little Light to feed you, believing that this would help you go home. You forgot to have with You the treasure kept in your precious helices, and you went down headlong into MATTER, forgetting everything.

You forgot you were DIVINE. You forgot the story of the Spirit, the story of the origin, the story of consciousness. 

It happened that the SPIRIT wondered: ‘Who Am I?’

To see himself he created You. He mirrored himself in YOU and fell madly in love with YOU. The parents of the Spirit—the King and Queen, your Masculine and Feminine—loved each other to such an extent that they are always one THING within You.

Life after life, experience after experience. NOW you have arrived here. Here, where the Circle finally ends.

Here, SPACE where you become aware that all the entities that have been part of your previous existences return home together with the soul garments that accompanied you in this last existence. Here, NOW, it remains only what you are, your DIVINITY in physical form Enjoying the beauty of life.

There Is No Separation – Spirit in Matter

At the origin there was no separation, but to understand this, for countless times, you have experienced separation.

NOW dance if you want to dance, paint if you want to paint, sing if you want to sing. This is the expression of crea-ti-vity.

Whenever you breathe You are Spirit in Matter.

This is the Spirit of the Living Creator.


-- Adele Venneri

I choose to let go of all painful experiences toward the energy of the MASCULINE that I have lived in the different existences in me and outside of me. I choose NOW to TRANSFORM THEM into Support, Trust, and Love.

I choose to let go of all painful experiences toward the energy of the FEMININE that I have lived in the different existences in me and outside of me. I choose NOW to TRANSFORM THEM into Acceptance, Love, and Intuition.

I thank all the Mothers and Fathers of my various existences.

With deep love I thank the MOTHER and FATHER for this present existence. They were the means by which to return to ME. They were the means by which to return to the Mother and Father that I Am today.

Father and Mother of me . . . I CREATE MY LIFE. 

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